Permanent make-up

inserting colour pigments with a special machine and special surgical needles.

If you have allergies, a patch test can be done 24 hours before the treatment.
Cost is 50€ ,to be deducted from the treatment price.

Included in the prices of all new permanent make-up treatments is one free Touch-up until 3 months after 1st treatment

eyebrows micropigmentation
eyeliner bottom
eyeliner top
eyeliner top and bottom
full lip colour
smudgy lipliner


inserting colour pigments with a hand held microblading tool

microblading eyebrows

Touch up to refresh/reboost the colour

Colour reboost treatment for existing permanent makeup...Pigment will always change over time due to various different reasons: the skins own natural mechanism and environmental factors such as the sun. Pigment will also fade or have a longer life depending on the colour used and area of the body pigment is infused. Darker colours typically last longer than lighter colours. Due to the above factors, Colour refresher / booster procedures are recommended every 2 years. This is only a guide and for certain individuals, the colour may need refreshing sooner or later than the above recommended time. Good practice, high quality pigments, safe procedures, and excellent after care will help with the maintenance and longevity of your Permanent Make-up enhancement.

Colour Reboost Eyebrows
125 €
Colour Reboost Eyeliner
100 €
Colour Reboost Lips
100 / 125 €

Corrections and Medical Tattooing

Prices for corrections or medical tattooing on application.

We don't have standard prices for corrections or medical tattooing.The prices depend on how long the treatment will take. We will give you a personal quote based on an hourly rate.

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