Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Permanent Makeup - Is it safe?

A. We use single-use disposable needles for each procedure and strict sanitation and sterilization procedures are enforced to reduce possibility of infection or contamination. However, the client has the responsibility of following after care advise until healing process is completed

Q. Will it hurt?

A. Procedures are performed with the most effective topical anesthetics providing near total numbing of the area to minimize any discomfort you may feel.

Q. Might I be allergic to the pigments?

A. You can be allergy tested before we begin, but the chances of you being allergic are unlikely. I use top quality Pigments, and so far have never encountered an allergic reaction in anyone.

Q. What is the healing period?

A. There will be slight swelling and redness which usually subsides within 48 hours. Full healing time is between 5 to 10 days.

Q. Who determines colour and shape?

A. You Have choices. Your permanent make-up artist will discuss and advise colours and shape with you.

Q. Can I see what it will look like before we proceed?

A. I will show you what it will look like by drawing on your skin with removable marker. Or, if you prefer, you can use the marker yourself to show me what you want.

Q. How many applications are needed?

A. Generally 1 treatment and a follow-up treatment are needed in order to achieve full satisfaction.

Q. How long does procedure take?

A. Depending on the area of application, the procedure will take from one to two hours. Four to six weeks later, a follow-up treatment, if required, usually takes less than one hour.

Q. How long will it last?

A. Your permanent makeup can last for several years depending on your skin type, and how well you care for it. Over time, the colour will lighten and you may desire to have the colour refreshed.

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